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For a lifetime of good oral health, your mouth needs a good foundation.

Proper dental care starts at a young age. Taking a proactive approach to oral health can save you and your family a lot of time and money in the long run. Good dental habits should begin as soon as a child has his or her first tooth. Schedule your child’s first dental appointment when he or she is between three and four years old to begin a lifetime habit of regular visits. Dr. Wilson can accurately assess if your child’s oral growth and development are on the right track.

For children and adults, preventive dentistry includes brushing at least twice daily and flossing daily. Focusing on proper nutrition and avoiding excessive sugar and refined carbohydrates are also key elements in preventing tooth decay and loss of teeth. In addition, if you or your children are involved with sports, a mouth guard is crucial to protect your teeth from accidental injury.

After each cleaning, Dr. Wilson will perform a comprehensive exam, including an oral cancer screening, periodontal (gum) exam, and bite assessment. Once a year, bitewing x-rays are taken and examined to look for any cracks or decay in the teeth. If Dr. Wilson discovers potential problems such as gum disease, broken fillings, or tooth decay, he will recommend treatment to repair the damage and re-establish oral wellness. Dr. Wilson always explains treatment options thoroughly and openly.  He discusses the risks and benefits associated with each treatment option which allows the patient to make an educated decision.

We know that oral health affects every aspect of living (eating, socializing, smiling, overall health, etc.). We want our patients to be confident in their oral health, and we promise the very best care at our office.

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